With two exceptions (Deacon Jim Wilton and Kate Gordon as Calvary Cemetery manager), most staff members can be reached at the main office number 603-436-4555.  The music director can only be reached via e-mail.  Extension numbers and e-mail addresses are noted.


Rev. Gary Belliveau, ext. 25

Permanent Deacon
Rev. Mr. James Wilton

Pastoral Minister
Carol Jacques-Dow, ext. 15

Faith Formation Director
Brenda Stinson, ext. 20

Director of Evangelization, Baptism and Young Family Ministry
Roxanne Raeside-Wilton, ext. 24

High School Youth Ministry Coordinator
Brittany Molda, ext. 22

Middle School Youth Ministry Coordinator
Colleen O’Leary

Music Director
Lisa Boucher

Business Manager
Kathleen Gordon, ext. 12

Administrative Director/Prayerline
Marilyn Chavez, ext. 13

Administrative Assistant/Bulletin Editor
Mary Kay Linscott, ext. 10

Administrative Assistant
Normand Houle, ext. 16

Calvary Cemetery Manager
Kathleen Gordon, 603-436-9239

Administrative Assistant, Facilities SC
Edward Dugan