Immediate Preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation is not a graduation, it is a completion of the sacraments of initiation, which give the grace necessary to fully live our Christian life in our Catholic community and in the world. The components of this Confirmation program are oriented towards transformation, faithful discipleship, and responsible participation in parish life. We will not focus on checking a list of requirements, we will instead offer a comprehensive program which aims to offer spiritual growth and intellectual preparation for those seeking Confirmation. We hope that you will work with us in our mission to empower teens to become saints in the world today. We hope that our youth ministry program will be more than classes, but that they would lead us to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. May our study and fellowship inspire us to be disciples who know Him, love Him and serve Him all the days of our lives.


Corpus Christi Confirmation Components

The Confirmation program is supplemented by Corpus Christi’s Youth Ministry events. The Decision Point components are required for Confirmation. It is highly recommended, however, that teens attend CCPYM events as well because it will give them a fuller experience of the Christian life and provide a deeper faith formation experience.


Decision Point Confirmation Components

  •          Decision Point Catechetical Sessions
  •          Retreat
  •          Local and Global service efforts
  •          Parish Ministry Involvement
  •          Mass attendance


Decision Point Catechetical Sessions:

Decision Point is a Dynamic Catholic program designed to prepare teens to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  It contains 12 required sessions, which will be offered over two years.  Through engaging presentations, personal reflection, and small group discussion, teens are led to ask and answer questions about their faith, prompting them to deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, and encouraging them to become the best-versions-of-themselves.


Decision Point Curriculum

Decision Point is primarily designed for Catholics between the ages 12 and 18.  It has been designed to ignite a conversation about the genius of Catholicism between candidates and their parents, sponsors, catechists, teachers, peers, and priests.  Dynamic Catholic’s mission is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.  Decision Point has been tested nationally, and was given the Imprimatur from Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, in April 2014.


Year One

  • Life is Choices
  • What’s holding you back?
  • Jesus
  • Prayer (Sponsor Night)
  • The Bible
  • Relationships
Year Two

  • The Eucharist
  • The Holy Spirit (Sponsor Night)
  • The Church
  • Confirmation (Sponsor Night)
  • Made for a Mission
  • Holiness is possible (Sponsor Night)


Session Format: Each session follows the format of:  Welcome, Opening Prayer, Engage (watch & discuss), Journal, Closing Prayer.  The “welcome” invites teens to engage through a game or activity.  We then move to “opening prayer,” pre-selected to support the lesson of the evening.  The “Engage” portion of the evening consists of  watching six short videos, featuring Matthew Kelly, and opening the topic more through group discussion.  After this portion, we allow teens to journal their thoughts about the evening’s topic, through a previously chosen reflection.  Finally, we are sent out with a “closing prayer.”



To retreat is an important part of every spiritual journey, to disengage from our routine and focus on the spiritual for an extended period of time, brings revitalization and peace to the Christian soul.  Teens in the Confirmation program are expected to attend one retreat a year.  These retreats will aim at deepening a personal relationship with Christ through prayer, witness, proclamation, activities, and discussion.  The retreats for the 2014-2015 year will be:

    • NET Ministries: November 18th, 2015    5-9pm  St. James
    • Spring Retreat: April 15-16th   St. Methodius Center
    • Youthfest: May 7th, 2016   8am-8pm  St. Anslem’s College
    • Steubenville East: July 15-17 2016    UMass Lowell


Local & Global service efforts:

Each year, teens in the Confirmation program will participate in one local and one global service effort. These efforts are meant to emphasize working together as a parish to benefit the greater community, as well as instill a passion for continued involvement in the life of the parish.  We are providing opportunities for Christian service that will not focus on hours spent, but on the heart with which they are given.  We will seek to remain mindful that Christian service should be rooted in love and faithful discipleship, not as a requirement to be completed for graduation.  With all this said, we encourage service beyond these planned efforts, as it naturally outflows from Christian life, which we all seek to live in service of God and neighbor.

    •          Local Service: Fall Clean-upNovember 7th, 2015 9:00 – 12:00 (please reference sign-up sheet for locations)
    •          Global Service:  Please stay turned for more information. We are currently in the process of coordinating different events for the Year of Mercy, including a missions trip.

Parish Ministry Participation

In receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, persons are “enriched by the gift of the Holy Spirit and bound more perfectly to the church” (Canon 879).  We seek to smoothly transition teens into the parish life, as responsible and active members, through our confirmation program. We, therefore, ask that every teen begins preparing to serve in the life of the parish by participating in at least one ministry a year.  Teens should take this opportunity to see in which ministries they can utilize their gifts and talents, and in doing so, strengthen the body of Christ, the Church.  As a parish community, it is our responsibility to engage teens in parish life and help them to find ministries to which God calls them. Please see Parish Ministry Participation form to sign up.

 Parish ministries:

    • Music Ministry:  Requirements for involvement in music groups are a love of music and the desire to serve the parish community.  The ability to read music is helpful, but not required.  Open to teens in grades 7-12. This group will sing at the 4:30 PM Mass at Immaculate Conception 1-2 times per month.
    • Parish Fellowship: (AKA Coffee & Donuts) Encourage parish community by setting up food & serving parishioners after the 8:30.
    • Altar Servers:  Assist the celebrant during weekend Masses, weddings, and special occasions.
    • Greeter:  Be at the doors of the church to offer a friendly, welcoming presence to those coming to worship and answer questions they may have, or direct them to the appropriate resource.  Greeters will also be at the entrance to the church as people leave to say goodbye and distribute bulletins.
    • Children’s Liturgy of the Word Assistant:  During the 8:30 Mass, children under age of 7 are dismissed to proclaim Gospel in an age-appropriate and effective manner.


Mass Attendance

As a parish, we understand that programs do not make disciples; relationships do, and the most important relationship is the one with our God.  To allow each teen to become the saint s/he is created to be, we have to understand that this task is inseparable from the Eucharist.  We request that as a family, and if that is not possible, individually, you attend the celebration of the Mass weekly.  To develop our spiritual lives and relationship with God, we have to transition away from Mass being a passive event.  We are actively participatory in the sacrifice of Mass and, so to aid this transition, we ask for 2 brief reflections (per year) about the readings/homily/etc. of that Sunday from the students.


Confirmation Sponsors

Sponsors are people whom you can rely on during your faith journey.  They should be people with a deep commitment to their Catholic faith and who are active, confirmed members of their parish.  They should be willing to listen to you, help you answer questions, and be willing to share their faith and example with you.  Sponsors are expected to maintain regular contact with their candidate, not only to pray, but also to socialize and develop a stronger relationship.  Confirmation sponsors will be required to attend various Decision Point sessions with their candidates.  The sessions will give you a chance to connect spiritually throughout the year, in conjunction with the personal time you schedule together.  Please take time to discern your Sponsor and have them complete the Sponsor Information Form.


Sponsor Form Due Dates:

    • 9th grade: January 10, 2016


Confirmation Saint Name

During the first year of confirmation preparation, teens should research different saints.  We will learn about different saints at each class.  Confirmation Saints serve as a reminder that we are all called to holiness.  The saint that you choose will be a strong intercessor for you.  You should choose someone whom you feel will inspire you to holiness throughout your life.  Once you have found a saint that you identify with or wish to make your Confirmation patron, please write a short essay on that saint. Please reference the Confirmation Saint Name form for more information.


Confirmation Saint Essay Due Dates:

    • 9th grade: March 6, 2016



Though, we do understand absences for illness, emergency, death and other serious reasons, we expect teens will attend all classes. More than two absences is considered excessive. After that a meeting may be set with parent/teen and youth minister to discuss the circumstances and how to best proceed with continuing formation. In order to ensure the proper level of formation, we do ask that families make faith formation a priority.



Email is vital for faith formation. Parent newsletters will be sent out periodically.

Phone numbers are vital for faith formation. In case of cancellation we will be in contact. If there is a change in contact information, please let us know so we can update our information.

You can find us on Facebook: Corpus Christi High School Youth Ministry

You can follow us on Twitter: CCPYouthMin


Parental involvement

It is important to us to keep parents involved in our ministries and informed. We strongly encourage that parents should be involved in the Confirmation Program in some way. This program relies on volunteers to make it possible. With that in mind, we ask that you consider where your talents and time can be utilized and join a parent team.

Adult Core Team: We are always looking for parents to help on Core Team. See Core Team section for more information. Safe Environment requirements are mandatory for this ministry.

Service Team: This team of parents who will assist the Core Team in our local & global service projects.

Food Team: This team of parents are willing to coordinate and provide snacks for Decision Point & Youth Ministry evenings. Provided enough families sign-up, this could be a once year commitment.

Prayer Team: This group of parents focuses their energies praying for our youth ministry program. This could be as simple as committing to praying at home during our classes, or as creative as coordinating prayer events, activities, etc.


Please see Parent Involvement sheet to sign-up for a ministry




Safe Environment Requirements