With two exceptions (Deacon Jim Wilton and Kate Gordon as Calvary Cemetery manager), most staff members can be reached at the main office number 603-436-4555.  The music director can only be reached via e-mail.  Extension numbers and e-mail addresses are noted.


Rev. Gary Belliveau, ext. 125

Permanent Deacon
Rev. Mr. James Wilton

Pastoral Minister
Carol Jacques-Dow, ext. 115

Faith Formation Director, Director of Baptism
Brenda Stinson, ext. 120

High School Youth Ministry Coordinator
Brittany Molda, ext. 122

Middle School Youth Ministry Coordinator
Colleen O’Leary, ext. 122

Music Director
Lisa Boucher

Business Manager
Kathleen Gordon, ext. 112

Administrative Director/Prayerline
Marilyn Chavez, ext. 113

Administrative Assistant/Bulletin Editor
Mary Kay Linscott, ext. 110

Calvary Cemetery Manager
Kathleen Gordon, 603-436-9239

Administrative Assistant, Facilities SC
Edward Dugan, ext 116

Facilities, IC
David Stolz