Online Giving and Envelopes

Online Giving Program

Internet commerce and electronic banking have become accepted as a normal way of conducting transactions for many people.  There are now electronic giving tools available for parishes; ours is called Online Giving by Our Sunday Visitor.  You now have the option to manage your contributions online.  So, what are the advantages to both you and the parish by using Online Giving?

  • You can use any of your checking or savings accounts without having to contact your bank to establish an Online Giving account.
  • You can use credit/debit cards: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, but NOT American Express.
  • You can make changes (start, stop, change) to your contributions at any time, see reports on your contribution history and generate tax statements at year end.
  • You have the opportunity to make gifts to special collections in addition to regular, recurring offerings.
  • Parishioners have asked how they can regularly give to SHARE. In Online Giving, you will find a specific fund “Poor Box/SHARE” expressly for this purpose.
  • Parishioners have asked how they can give to St. Patrick School. In Online Giving, you will find two funds for St. Pat’s, one entitled “St. Patrick School” for unrestricted giving, the other “Pastor’s St. Patrick School Tuition Assistance” expressly for that purpose.
  • Online Giving helps the parish streamline cash flow, especially during bad weather or vacation times, and helps us improve our operational efficiency in posting contributions to your giving history in the parish database.

To get started, go to the Corpus Christi Parish Online Giving website.  If you have any questions, please contact Kate Gordon at 603-436-4555, x12 or; or Norm Houle at 603-436-4555, x16 or


Our parish offering envelope system is handled by Our Sunday Visitor.  This is a bi-monthly service; parishioners receive envelopes every two months.  Because of an early company deadline for adding names, roughly the 22nd of every odd-numbered month, the period between adding your name to the mailing list and automatically receiving your first regular envelope mailing will be more than a month.  However, to promptly begin tracking your contributions for tax purposes, we will supply you with a “starter set” until your regular mailings begin.  If you have any questions regarding envelopes, or to enroll, please contact Norm Houle at 603-436-4555, x16 or  Contributors who use envelopes are the bedrock of our stable, financial support.

Attention Snowbirds Who Use Envelopes

If you regularly spend the winter elsewhere, please let us know as early as possible your approximate dates of departure and return.  Depending on the date you notify us and the length of your absence, we may be able to have envelopes sent to your winter address should you like us to.  (We would certainly like to!)  But if this is not practicable, we would suspend envelope delivery until your return.

Tax Requirements

As of 2007, parishioners who itemize deductions for income tax purposes must have bank records or receipts from the parish in order to deduct contributions on their tax return.  To provide the required receipt, parishioners are encouraged to use contribution envelopes or the Online Giving program.  We can, to a limited extent, track contributions made by personal check without the use of an envelope.  Parishioners placing cash in the weekly offering basket will not be able to legally deduct the contribution for tax purposes.  If you have any questions, please contact Kate Gordon at 603-436-4555, x12 or