Joining Our Parish

Want To Join The Parish? 

Occasional guests become frequent visitors, and then many “visitors” decide to call Corpus Christi home!  We are happy to extend the hand and heart of Christian fellowship to so many who are discovering our parish as a place to be nourished in faith, supported on the journey, and in which to invest their God-given gifts of time, talent, and treasure!  If you’ve been attending Mass here for a while and are considering membership, please know that we would be happy to have you make our parish family yours!  Start by introducing yourself to Fr. Gary after Mass so he can connect names and faces.

Register in one of two ways.  Strange as it may seem, we would prefer that you fill out the paper registration form as it provides us with more complete information from the outset:

  1. Print out a registration form (in English) (in Spanish), fill it out and return it to us via weekend collection in an envelope marked “registration,” or via mail to 845 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801, or in person at the parish office.
  2. Online, directly into our parish database:
    • First, please review the video which explains the process; then
    • Click here to land at the parish database, called ConnectNow and register as a “New User.”
    • Please be aware that online registration provides us only the most rudimentary information for one person. If you are married, or are the head of a household with children, please return to the My Own Church button on the home page (after your registration has been validated) to provide amplifying information regarding your family.


You’ll be “officially in”!  Invite others you know who may have no parish family, or who have fallen away from practice of the faith, to come along with you some Sunday.  Introduce them, and extend an invitation to keep “checking us out” …who knows, they may join many others in “coming home” to Corpus Christi Parish and become one more of the “many parts in the one Body of Christ” that we are called to be!