Calvary Cemetery


There are two Catholic cemeteries in Portsmouth, Calvary and St. Mary, in close proximity to each other.  St. Mary is the older of the two; new plots are not available here.  Calvary Cemetery is located on Middle Rd. (NH Route 33) at the intersection of Islington St.  See map link.  We offer both traditional burial plots and a cremation garden.

The cemetery is owned by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester.  The pastor of Corpus Christi Parish is its local trustee.  Day-to-day functions are the responsibility of the cemetery manager, Ms. Kathleen Gordon.  The cemetery office is collocated with the Corpus Christi Parish offices at the 845 Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801; phone 603-436-9239, fax 603-433-4401.  Office hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


To preclude misunderstandings between plot holders and management, we ask that all clients familiarize themselves with the following:

Plot “Ownership”

Plot holders do not own their plot.  When you “buy a plot/grave,” you are actually purchasing a license for burial for as many graves as the plot is allowed.  The Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester owns all cemetery land.

Plot Maintenance, Plantings and Decorations

  • Plantings – shrubs, trees and the like – are not permitted.
  • Flowers – only in approved containers attached to monument; artificial decorations allowed December – March only.
  • Flags – allowed only when placed by veterans’ and fraternal organizations, in metal holders, one per monument.
  • The use of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, vases, glass, plastic, concrete, vigil lights, or crockery jars and containers, wood or metal cases, potted plants, etc., shall not be permitted on any plot and such articles shall be removed by the management.
  • Memorial Day floral arrangements and/or decorations must be placed on the base of the monument or placed on an extension to that base.  Memorial Day floral arrangements and/or decoration may be placed no earlier than May 20th and removed from the cemetery no later than June 10th.
  • Management reserves the exclusive right to trim, cut, or remove all trees, shrubs and herbage.
  • Should any memorial become unsightly, management shall have the right, after 30 days’ notice to the plot holder of record, to correct the condition or remove it, in either case at the expense of the plot holder.
  • In all matters not specifically covered by these rules and regulations, management reserves the right to do anything which in its judgment is deemed reasonable in the premises, and such determination shall be binding upon the plot holder and all parties concerned.