20/20 Raffle

The 20/20 Raffle is one of the few ongoing fundraisers sponsored by the parish.  All are invited to buy one or more $20 tickets which are good for 20 weeks in what we call a “series.”  There are two series per year, the first from February to June, and the second from September to January.  In February 2009, we commenced Series 35 (yes, that’s about 17 years of 20/20 raffles).  Our goal is to sell 200 tickets per series.

Typically, each week for 19 weeks, we draw two numbers which win $25 each.  We generally do not start drawing numbers until we are near our 200-ticket goal.  If it takes a bit more time to reach the 200-ticket goal, initial drawings may be delayed, but we make up for that delay by “postponing” the drawing for the first weeks, then making up for the “skipped” weeks.  No matter when we start, every ticket holder will have a weekly opportunity to win a $25 prize for 19 weeks.  On the 20th week, a “final” series drawing is held with prizes of $500, $300, two at $100, and two at $50.  Winners are listed in the bulletin.  All proceeds outside the awarded prizes benefit the parish.

Tickets are usually sold after Masses at the beginning of the series and are always available at the Parish Office, 845 Woodbury Ave, during normal business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).  To confirm availability, call 436-0344, X113.