Eucharist to the Sick

Eucharist to the Sick must be conducted by trained Eucharistic Ministers, under the direction  and coordination of the Pastoral Minister.  This ministry includes Eucharist to the Hospitals in Portsmouth, to the three nursing homes in Portsmouth, and to all homebound parishioners who request to receive the Eucharist at home.   Training is provided for all these ministries.   They are individually described below.  If you would like to participate in any of these ministries, or if you want more information, please call Carol Jacques-Dow, Pastoral Minister, at the parish office 436-4555, X115 or email her at

Hospital Ministry Description:     Bring the Eucharist to the sick of Portsmouth Regional Hospital on a weekly basis.  Patients receive the Eucharist daily, but the Eucharistic Minister makes a weekly commitment.  There are, ideally, two Eucharistic Ministers who serve per day  on a weekly basis.  All Eucharistic Ministers who serve at PRH must be approved volunteers of  the hospital, and must go through hospital orientation and training, as well as Eucharistic Minister training. 

Nursing Home Ministry Description:     Assist at, or preside at, weekly Communion services for residents of our three nursing homes, and lead recitation of the rosary with the residents.  Help bring residents from their rooms to the central meeting room for Mass/Communion Service/Rosary.   Also, bring Communion to residents individually to their rooms if  needed.

Eucharist to the Homebound:   Bring the Eucharist to our homebound parishioners.  Individuals who are homebound will contact the Pastoral Minister to request to receive the Eucharist.  The Pastoral Minister matches these requests to trained Eucharistic Ministers who are willing and available to make “house calls.”  The Eucharistic Minister and the parishioner make arrangements between them as to time and day they are both available.  This commitment is usually, but not always, weekly.  It is sometimes temporary while a person is recovering from surgery or an illness, and sometimes permanent if the parishioner knows they will not be able to physically attend Mass due to a permanent condition. 

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