Funeral Mass Preparation

Some people prefer to plan their own Funeral Mass in advance of their death, expected or unexpected.  If you have particular requests for the readings and the music at your Funeral Mass, please call the Pastoral Minister, Carol Jacques-Dow at the parish office 436-4555 for an appointment to make these requests, or to learn about what options are available to choose from.  Your requests will be kept on file and will be honored at the time of your Funeral Mass.

When your loved one dies and advance preparation has not been made, call the funeral home of your choice first, meet with them for everything you need, and they will direct you to  meet with the Pastoral Minister, Carol Jacques-Dow, to make all the preparations for the Funeral Mass.

There are of course, guidelines and policies of the Catholic Church,  the Diocese of Manchester, and the Parish of Corpus Christi which must be followed.  They are listed briefly below.


All music MUST be liturgical and in keeping with the character of appropriate music used in parishes of the Diocese of Manchester.  You may select from the pieces in the Funeral Mass Music brochure provided by our parish.  Requests for music not found on this list or in the parish hymnal are NOT acceptable.  It is the policy of Corpus Christi Parish that our parish musicians and cantors MUST lead the music at ALL funerals, and Memorial Masses where music is requested.  (Diocese of Manchester Guidelines for Christian Funerals)


One family member, or friend, may share one brief reflection, not more than five minutes, after the Communion Rite of the funeral Mass.  A previously prepared text must be provided to the pastor the day before the funeral for his review.  The reflection should speak of the person in a context of faith.  (Diocese of Manchester Guidelines for Christian Funerals)


It is the policy of Corpus Christi Parish to offer the use of  St. James Church hall, when the hall is not previously committed for any other purpose.   If the hall is not previously committed for another event,  the hall will be offered at no charge, and the family may choose a caterer of their choice.  The caterer and/or the family will be expected to leave the hall in the same condition as it was prior to the meal.  If the hall is previously committed, a list of local restaurants with banquet/reserved rooms can be provided.

At this time, there are not sufficient volunteers available to provide the food, set-up and clean-up in a few days notice.