Knights of Columbus

Why join the Knights of Columbus?

The K of C was first formed with the purpose of enabling Catholics to help other Catholics.  We are here to help with tasks and special projects that require both financial and manpower resources. We are involved in various Church Ministries, Right to Life Programs, and Scholarship Programs (including financial aid for men entering the seminary).  Knights sponsor and participate in food drives for those in need, as well as raising money for citizens with special needs.

Each K of C council is involved in its local community on several levels, from political groups to youth groups in our schools.  In situations involving disasters, Knights sponsor activities that nurture bonds between its members and member families; such as dinners, picnics, Holiday parties for children and their families, fishing and hunting trips, camping, bowling tournaments, etc.  For the most part, these Programs are designed and staffed at the local level.  Charity is not only giving money or gifts, but is also giving of one’s self.

The K of C is constantly evolving. We take on the challenges that our Church faces in these turbulent modern times.  We have a special devotion to the Pope, financially and administratively.

Our Parish and community is what we ourselves make it. Our Priests and Bishops cannot do everything; they must have our help in order to accomplish the goals of the Church.


  • If you want to make a difference in the Church and community, come join us!
  • If you want to grow in your faith, come join us!
  • If you wish to follow the ministries of Jesus Christ, come join us!
  • If you desire a devotion to the Blessed Mother, come join us!
  • If you wish to undertake a leadership role in our Church come join us!
  • If you would like to make new friends of a like mind, come join us!
  • If you would like to expose your family to the positive influences of other Catholic families, come join us!


For more information, contact Marc Keith, Grand Knight, at