Catholics Come Home

Catholics Come Home is an invitation to enter into a process of dialogue and discernment regarding your spiritual journey and past or present experiences in the Catholic Church. We meet you where you are in your quest for a spiritual home.  The “Catholics Come Home” process is respectful of each person’s turning-point experience.  We invite you  to tell the stories of times when your faith was shaken, hurts experienced or needs not met. In a spirit of welcoming embrace, we listen with open hearts to those who desire to be understood, accepted, and sustained in growth by the risen Lord Jesus through his presence in word, sacrament, and community.

We begin with informal “Let’s Talk Nights” hosted by our pastor.  No obligation! Just an invitation to hear a bit more and an opportunity to ask questions and question answers.  Then, if you wish to further explore coming home, you are welcome to come to any or all of our “Enrichment Nights.”  The bulletin and website will provide you with times and dates of upcoming sessions.

We invite you to think and pray about family and friends who might welcome an opportunity to return to the Catholic Church, the home of their spiritual heritage, and encourage them to contact us.

For additional information, contact Fr. Gary at 603-436-4555 or   He is also available to provide personal support and assistance to you.