Baptism & Young Families Ministry

Ministering to families with children ages birth-Kindergarten

 The birth and baptism of a child marks an important time in the life of married couples.         New parents often seek reconnection with the Church and greater participation in parish life.  The years following birth are crucial ones that will shape the kind of relationship young families will have with the Church.  In many instances, these families drift away from their faith communities, only to reemerge when their child reaches the eligible age for parish faith formation.

The Baptism and Young Family Ministry is one of the greatest opportunities to foster conversion, evangelization and catechesis of parents with infants and young children.  Expansion of this ministry not only assists new parents in grasping the meaning of baptism and their role as Catholic parents, but also ensures systematic outreach to the new families.  The overall focus of this ministry is to deepen family faith commitments, help parents to understand the gifts and challenges of Christian parenting and develop a community where young couples can find faith, fellowship and support.

Baptism and Young Family Ministry Prayer Partners

Coordinator:  Annie Osborne

The ministry of prayer is the first step in collective ministry.  This ministry seeks God’s direction to move forward in our efforts to serve Him and the families among us.  Parish prayer partners commit to praying for our newly-baptized children, young children and families.   Prayer cards will be distributed to this team and updated as new families join our community.  The larger community will be invited to join our prayer during their daily and weekly mass intentions.

Baptism Couple Outreach Ministry

Coordinators:  Paul and Chris Kayne

Parish baptism outreach couples will be selected and trained to make home visits to new parents as they prepare for their child’s baptism.  These couples will develop relationships with new parents and stay connected throughout the first year of baptism and beyond.  During home visits, outreach couples will identify and communicate family spiritual and corporal needs that can be met through the parish community.  The assigned couples will attend the family baptism (as they are available).

Newly-baptized “Welcoming Sundays”

Coordinator:  Kathy Kelleher (every three months)

Baptisms are one of the most joyous occasions in parish life.  Newly-baptized “Welcoming Sundays” provide an opportunity for parishioners to meet the newest members of our community and connect with young families.  “Welcoming Sundays” will be held at the 8:30 a.m. Mass and will be followed by a reception.

Young Family Community Suppers

Coordinator:  Maureen Boyd (every three months)

Gathering our young families together provides a social setting for the development of relationships with other new parents as well as opportunities for catechesis.  At parish Community Suppers, parents will be invited to bring their children and share a meal with other families. A guest speaker will be invited to discuss a variety of topics important to parents of infants and young children.

St. Gabriel Playgroup

The parish grows as it creates a place where young families want to belong.  Through a parish-sponsored playgroup, young families will get to know each other and share faith and parenting experiences.  The St. Gabriel Playgroup is available to parents and younger children ages birth to five once a month (initially) during Faith Formation class time on Sunday morning and will consist of playtime, prayer, and socialization.  Toys and materials will be provided.

MOMS Ministry (Ministry of Mothers Sharing)

Coordinator:  Brittany Molda

Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) provides mothers of all ages at Corpus Christi the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth through a faith-sharing group.  It gathers women together who have a common bond of motherhood to form a network of mutual spiritual support.

Young Family Newsletter

Editor:  Jennifer Saunders

The parish Young Family Newsletter will be published monthly and feature parish activities along with articles and information relative to parenting, growing Catholic families, and child/parent catechesis.  It will also include highlights from Young Family Formation sessions.