Immediate Preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation is not a graduation, it is a completion of the sacraments of initiation, which give the grace necessary to fully live our Christian life in our Catholic community and in the world. The components of this Confirmation program are designed to evangelize, equip, and empower God’s children to become radical and joyful disciples. We hope that you will work with us in our mission to empower teens to become saints in the world today. We strive to create a program which leads us to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. May our study and fellowship inspire us to be disciples who know Him, love Him and serve Him all the days of our lives.


Corpus Christi Confirmation Components

The Confirmation program is supplemented by Bring It Home!, and Corpus Christi’s Youth Ministry events. These supplements give youth a fuller experience of the Christian life and provide a deeper faith formation experience. Through engaging presentations, personal reflection, and small group discussion, teens are led to ask and answer questions about their faith, prompting them to deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, and encouraging them to become the best-versions-of-themselves.

  •  Summer Sacramental Preparation Sessions: August 7-9, 2018

Preparation sessions are open to all youth who are currently (2017-2018) in 7th, 8th & 9th grade.  Participation in Bring It Home! or youth ministry discipleship groups is required, along with other Confirmation components.

  • Retreats

To retreat is an important part of every spiritual journey, to disengage from our routine and focus on the spiritual for an extended period of time, brings revitalization and peace to the Christian soul.  Teens in the Confirmation program are expected to attend one retreat a year.  These retreats will aim at deepening a personal relationship with Christ through prayer, witness, proclamation, activities, and discussion.  The retreats for the 2017-2018 year will be:

Youthfest: May 5th, 2018   8am-8pm  St. Anslem’s College

Steubenville East: July 13-15 2018    UMass Lowell

Summer Missions: TBD (if interested, contact Brittany)

  • Parish Ministry Participation

In receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, persons are “enriched by the gift of the Holy Spirit and bound more perfectly to the church” (Canon 879).  We seek to smoothly transition teens into the parish life, as responsible and active members, through our confirmation program. We, therefore, ask that every teen begins preparing to serve in the life of the parish by participating in at least one ministry a year.  Teens should take this opportunity to see in which ministries they can utilize their gifts and talents, and in doing so, strengthen the body of Christ, the Church.  As a parish community, it is our responsibility to engage teens in parish life and help them to find ministries to which God calls them. Please see Parish Ministry Participation form to sign up.

  • Mass Attendance

As a parish, we understand that programs do not make disciples; relationships do, and the most important relationship is the one with our God.  To allow each teen to become the saint s/he is created to be, we have to understand that this task is inseparable from the Eucharist.  We request that as a family, and if that is not possible, individually, you attend the celebration of the Mass weekly.  To develop our spiritual lives and relationship with God, we have to transition away from Mass being a passive event.  We are actively participatory in the sacrifice of Mass and, so to aid this transition, we ask for 2 brief reflections (per year) about the readings/homily/etc. of that Sunday from the students.

  • Confirmation Sponsors

Sponsors are people whom you can rely on during your faith journey.  They should be people with a deep commitment to their Catholic faith and who are active, confirmed members of their parish.  They should be willing to listen to you, help you answer questions, and be willing to share their faith and example with you.  Sponsors are expected to maintain regular contact with their candidate, not only to pray, but also to socialize and develop a stronger relationship.  Please take time to discern your Sponsor and have them complete the Sponsor Information Form.

  • Confirmation Saint Name

Confirmation Saints serve as a reminder that we are all called to holiness.  The saint that you choose will be a strong intercessor for you.  You should choose someone whom you feel will inspire you to holiness throughout your life.  Once you have found a saint that you identify with or wish to make your Confirmation patron, please write a short essay on that saint. Please reference the Confirmation Saint Name form for more information.



Though, we do understand absences for illness, emergency, death and other serious reasons, we expect teens will attend all classes. More than two absences is considered excessive. After that a meeting may be set with parent/teen and youth minister to discuss the circumstances and how to best proceed with continuing formation. In order to ensure the proper level of formation, we do ask that families make faith formation a priority.


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