Parishioners should contact the office at 603-436-4555 at their first opportunity. For all prospective candidates, the following guidelines apply:  In  all  the  excitement  of  planning  your  wedding,  please  also  remember  the  following requirements for marriage in the Catholic Church:

1. The prospective bride and groom must be free to marry each other (i.e. no impediments).

2. The couple must complete the marriage preparations required by this Diocese, including:

  • Meet with the pastor.
  • Complete a FOCCUS inventory with follow-up sessions.
  • Participate in an Engaged Encounter, Toward Marriage, or other approved program.
  • Submit current baptismal certificates. Each must be issued from the church of baptism (within 6 months of wedding date) and have the parish seal on it.
  • Obtain Decrees of Nullity for any previous marriages.
  • Obtain any permissions or dispensations needed for interfaith marriages.


3. Preparations must be initiated at least six months prior to the wedding.

4. The following restrictions apply:

  • NO weddings on Sundays.  NO weddings during Lent.
  • NO rentals of any church for civil ceremonies or non-Catholic weddings.
  • NO ceremonies outdoors or in non-church buildings.
  • NO “penciled in” dates for those needing Decrees of Nullity.


In order to celebrate a wedding here at Corpus Christi Parish, the following is required:

1. The prospective Bride and Groom must meet with the pastor before a date can be confirmed.  Arrangements must be made by the couple themselves; not by their parents.

2. If the necessary documents are not presented at least one month before the reserved date, the ceremony will be cancelled.  You will be notified in writing of the cancellation.

3. Our parish comprises three churches:  Immaculate Conception (center city), St. Catherine of Siena (west), and St. James (south).

  • See photos at this link.
  • See interior dimensions at this link.


4. Ordinarily, we can accommodate one Friday wedding and one Saturday wedding per weekend. Friday evenings and Saturday morning/early afternoons (beginning at latest at 1:00 PM) are the standard times. Weddings can be celebrated on other weekdays as well. Weddings CANNOT be celebrated after 1:00 PM on Saturdays.

5. Please contact the parish Music Director, Lisa Boucher, to make arrangements for music for your wedding, via email at  All songs must have religious lyrics.  Songs with secular lyrics are not appropriate for the wedding ceremony.  “Here Comes the Bride” is permitted as a processional.  Fees for musicians are in addition to wedding fees list below.  Checks should be made out to the individual musicians and sent to the parish two weeks before the wedding date.

6. The parish employs its own wedding coordinators.  A two-person team will be assigned to your wedding. They conduct the rehearsal and are present at the wedding ceremony to open/close the church, arrange the altar furnishings, organize the bridal party, and assist with lighting, seating, and other activities. Checks should be made out to the individual coordinators and sent to the parish two weeks before the wedding date.

7. Flowers used to decorate the church for the wedding must remain in the church after the ceremony.  Aisle runners are not permitted due to safety issues. Please do not move or change any church furnishings.  No changes may be made in the decoration of the church for weddings during the Advent, Christmas, or Easter seasons.

  • For your convenience, specifics of our flower policy, which you can provide to your florist, are available at this link.


8. In the event a couple does not live in the area, but will be married at Corpus Christi Parish, the marriage file must be assembled in their home parish by their pastor. All necessary documentation must be sent here at least 30 days before the wedding date. This includes the Prenuptial Investigation, baptismal certificates, and – where necessary – decrees of nullity and dispensations. The documentation must also include permission to marry here from the pastor of the home parish.

9. The marriage license must be obtained in New Hampshire, within 90 days of the wedding date, and submitted to the parish at least two weeks before the wedding.

10. If there is a friend or family member who is a priest or deacon and who will be presiding at the wedding, the following criteria must be met:

  • He must be in good standing with his bishop.
  • If he is not a NH resident, he must obtain a license from the State of New Hampshire and submit it to the parish at least two weeks before the wedding. The license application may be downloaded from:
  • He must send written confirmation of his commitment to the ceremony.  If he becomes unavailable, it is the couple’s responsibility to find a substitute.


11. Wedding Fees.  For professionals’ fees, checks should be made out to the individual musicians/coordinators and sent to the parish two weeks before the wedding date.

$200   Non-refundable Deposit – Due when the wedding date is reserved.

$300   Wedding Coordinators ($150 each) – Names will be provided when assigned.

$200   Total Marriage Preparation program fee – $100 to be paid to program directly and $100 to be paid to the parish to reimburse the parish’s subsidy of the program. Payable to parish two weeks prior to program date.  (Couples who use Engaged Encounter or other approved programs are exempt.)

$ 20 each Altar Server(s) – Payable to coordinator at rehearsal. (two servers if Mass,  one if not)

12. Wedding Offerings The suggested offering to the parish is $500 (in addition to the deposit). This helps  to cover the expenses for utilities, insurance, maintenance, and professional staff time. If you regularly contribute to the support of the parish, you may adjust this amount.

The priest does not require a stipend for weddings.

Note: If you have genuine financial need, the suggested offering to the parish can be reviewed. The deposit, marriage prep program fee, and professional fees are non-negotiable.