Flower Policy

Corpus Christi Parish





  1. Flowers used to decorate the church for a wedding must remain in the church after the ceremony (this does not include pew bows/flowers).  Flowers at the altar should be 24” to 30” tall, no higher (no pillar stands).

  1. Pew bows/flowers should be simple, so as not to obstruct entry into the pews. They must NOT be taped to the pews!  DO NOT drape tulle or any other material between the pews, thereby preventing people from entering the pew from the center aisle.

  1. Due to safety issues, aisle runners, flower petals (both real and silk), and rice are not permitted in the church.  Bubbles are allowed, but only outside the church.

  1. Please do not move or change any church furnishings.  No changes may be made in the decoration of the church for weddings during the Advent, Christmas, or Easter seasons.